Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A Maths rule

If you study Maths 'till late night, you won't sleep so easily.

...I even didn't imagine that I would have to study Maths if I'm doing a Post-Graduation in Tributary Law. I was prepared for law and law and law...not for Maths. Argh. And the exame is on next 27th...

I mean, I don't hate Maths. I even liked it when I was at school. But it's really irritating if you try to solve a problem by using a formula that doesn't work...

Oh, let's speak about good things - the travel. I've been searching about Turkey and there's no reason to be afraid of muslims (I think so), cause Turkey is a Democratic Republic. Not like China, of course.

Oh, I was thinking if I should say "Math" or "Maths" and I found here a brillant text about my question. My tip is: if you're in US, you must tell "Math" if you don't want to annoy them, and if you're in UK, you must say "Maths', if you don't want to let them mad towards you. Brillant, eh?

I must try to sleep.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Coming soon

I'm going to...Paris! And Turkey. And Israel (again). With husband, Mom and Dad. Next July.

It will be so exciting!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's really hot nowadays. And our air-conditioner apparel isn't working because of a dumb guy that should solve the electricity problems of the house but just got to make the things worst. Oh, my.... I'm almost getting desperate, you see.

We've been visiting my husband parents on Carnival. His mom's a wonderful cook - and she says she hates cooking! I suppose my husband cooking skills have a genetic reason, you know.

After five days of doing nothing, you can imagine how hard it will be going to the office tomorrow...

The post-graduate course will start on April, if God allow it. I'm really anxious...and happy.

~ Pictures here ;)

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Wedding Party Pictures

There are more here ;)

Saturday, February 21, 2009


It's a beautiful day. It's a sunny Saturday, it's hot and it's a perfect time to go to a nice restaurant to Moqueca capixaba. 'Cause we love fish and shrimps! And "moqueca capixaba" is a wonderful and tasty Brazilian dish.

Mom, Dad, me and my fiancé - a happy group at "Ninho da Roxinha", a nice restaurant that serves fish, but also camel-bird (ostrich), lamb, bull and frog. We even saw alives camel-birds (I've never had seen it!) and my fiancé touched a lamb (that liked his touch) and we saw a lovely baby lamb!

At the restaurante, we had a fabulous view of the beach, 'cause it (the restaurant) stands in a high point of the town. Thrilling!

It was a great day. And we took this great shot above :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The wedding is coming...

...not so soon, but it's coming...

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Hallo boys! Well...I'm here again, I'm healthy, I'm fine, I'm happy...

Travelling was a great experience. I have never had travelled to a foreign country, so it was really exciting! I could use my English and was wonderful! I talked to Egypcian, Greek and Israelits salesmans, I talked to Jewish tourists, I went to the Al-Khalili market in Cairo and bought things...and I got excellente prices by talking in English!

I also had problems with food in Israel...cause they use so much spices...

I hated travelling for 11 hours from São Paulo to Roma (and from Roma to São Paulo) 'cause Alitalia airplanes are really small, the chairs are uncomfortable and I couldn't sleep, oh gosh! At least the food was really tasty, yummy!

Athens is very beautiful. It's a nice city, although the Greek people aren't very polite...I visited three islands: Poros, Hydra and Aegina. I'd like to go back to Hydra some day. We alsto went to ancient Corinto, but it was so hot that day!

I saw the Pyramids! Queops, Chephren and Mycerinus. Huge buildings, but the worst thing are the men that want to make you buy the things that they want to sell, even if you don't want to buy anything! They are agressive, and we felt scared (I felt so).

Israel...Eilat is a beautiful blace, and I bought presents to my sister and my boyfriend there: an Adidas bag and a Nike t-shirt. There are lots of stores with very known marks there.

Jerusalem made me cry...I felt really exciting when I saw that city for the first time, and I can't explain why. Maybe because I heard about Jerusalem since I was I child and at that time...I was there!

We visited the Getsemani Garden, the Tomb Garden...very important places to Christian people. And we also visited Ancient Jerusalem, that have 4 towns: Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Armenian. The Lamentation Wall is a very sad place...

I had great and not so great times by travelling. I's wonderful to go there. But it's much more wonderful to go back to home! :)

I'll publish more pictures here soon ;)

See you! :P